Playful, natural and full of joy

Hi, I’m Alannah and I am a Hertfordshire photographer specializing in lifestyle family photography. I believe that photo shoots should be playful, fun and full of joy – my aim is to capture the essence of childhood, be that climbing trees, jumping in puddles or simply cuddling on the sofa and sharing stories.

I combine this with my knowledge of light and composition, and careful editing, to create art that you will love to hold in your hands again and again. A true snapshot and an heirloom to treasure.






What to wear to your family photo shoot

What to wear to your family photo shoot

If you are thinking about your Hertfordshire family photo shoot, you are probably also wondering what you should all wear. I'm here to help! I generally advise against the 'matchy-matchy' look, but instead encourage you to coordinate outfits with a common colour. For...

My 365 project

My 365 project

I have just finished my third 365 project, only this year I really have managed 365 (well, actually 366 given it is a leap year) photographs, as opposed to the previous two years where I accidentally-on-purpose took a month or so off. Whilst this page usually shows...