What can I expect from a photo session?

After the session, I will spend up to around two weeks going through your images and gently editing them to ensure that the colours, crops, highlights and shadows are all perfect. I can also remove small imperfections to show the very best version of you! I then upload your finished pictures to a personalised, password-protected online gallery. At this point the photographs will be watermarked, and at a slightly lower resolution than the finished product. Two weeks can be a very long time to wait, so you can choose to have a complimentary 'sneak peak' of one of two pictures via my Facebook page within three days!

You will then have 3 weeks to gaze adoringly at your wonderful family on screen, and to choose and pay for your final package (see here for pricing options). There will also be options to purchase prints, digital products, wall art and photo gifts for friends and family. When you have decided, you can buy your package via the online gallery using Paypal. Watermarks will be removed, and your digitals will be in high resolution. 

When your prints have arrived and you have had a chance to admire them, I am always extremely grateful if you are able to leave a review on my Facebook page or on Google.


Children, Families and Maternity

These are my most popular sessions. They usually take place in beautiful outdoor locations and involve a lot of playing, fun and adventure! For me, the perfect photos are the ones that truly reflect the personality of you and your family whether that is puddle jumping with the family dog, Dad playing aeroplanes with the toddler, a lazy walk through the barley fields, or stick sword fights and feather fairy crowns. Muddy faces optional...

When you book your shoot, we will liaise by phone, email or over a cup of tea (your preference!) about the kind of photographs that you are hoping to get out of the session. Perhaps you would like to celebrate a baby's milestone, or have a mother and daughter session, or capture the whole family to create a piece of art for your sitting room wall, or something else entirely. At this point, we can also discuss where we can hold the session (I have a few favourite locations if you are not sure of one yourself) and any other details, like what you might like to wear.

A day or two before the session, I will be in contact again to confirm details. I try to carry on regardless of the weather, but if the forecast really is awful, we might like to discuss a possible change of location.

When the big day comes I will meet you at your chosen location, camera in hand, ready to have some fun. I will be patient and relaxed throughout; clients tell me that they leave these photo shoots feeling like they have had a good time - and were surprised that they were not awkward or nervous about being in front of the camera. I try to help you to feel that the camera is an after-thought to a lovely day out as this is the best way to capture a true reflection of you and your family. You might walk through woodland, climb trees, sit among spring flowers, paddle in streams or hide in barley, and we will always hunt for the most beautiful light. I will bring rugs and other bits and pieces to use. You might like to bring snacks for hungry children, wet wipes, a hairbrush and - if you wish - a couple of outfits.

Day-in-the-life sessions


You can read my blog post to see exactly why I think these are a fabulous idea.

These sessions usually take place in your home, perhaps also involving a school run, a trip to the shops, a walk to cub scouts, and any other little every day moments that you want to remember. However, you could also choose to document a whole day trip to the seaside, to London, to the Chilterns, to a theme park... Be aware that trips further afield could incur added costs for entrance fees, train journeys, etc.

When you book your session, we can chat about what you hope to get out of it and I will talk you through some options. I will also ask you to think about some activities that you might like to do. These sessions work best when you have some games or baking or favourite past times planned into the day. I ask that you make payment 24 hours before the session.

On the day, I will try to be as un-intrusive as possible. Unless you have requested it, I won't ask you to pose - but I might ask you to move your activity slightly to capture the best light. There is no need to do a manic tidy as we can tidy up and arrange small areas as we go along! We will often spend lots of time in the kitchen and living areas, and in one or two bedrooms, which are good spaces for quiet play, jumping on the bed or having a family cuddle. 

Around two weeks after the event, you will receive your fully edited, high resolution photographs with no watermarks, in a personalised, password-protected online gallery, from where you can download them. You can also choose to purchase the images on a USB stick. For all day-in-the-life prices, click here.


Christenings and Birthday Parties

As with all sessions, upon booking I will liaise with you by email, phone or even over a cup of tea about what you would like from the photo shoot. For example, whether you would like posed photographs or candid shots, or, as most people prefer, a mixture of the two.

On the day, I will arrive at the time set by you and liaise with ceremony officials if necessary. I offer two packages - with 2 or 3 hours of photography, which can be at more than one location (including travel time between the two). I will endeavour to capture the 'little' things as well as the big moments so that you have a precious record of all the things the make up your event.

Around 2 weeks after the event, you will receive your fully edited, high resolution photographs with no watermarks, in a personalised, password-protected online gallery, from where you can download them. You will also have a voucher towards printed products, so that you can decide whether you would prefer a beautiful album, folio box of prints, or wall art.

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