Day in the Life Photos

Memories are what makes us human. The emotion, the sentiment, the joy and the tears - both in the big events and the little everyday moments.


When I think about my childhood, I remember making apple crumble with my mother, playing French cricket with my father, leaping off walls and building obstacle courses with my brothers. There are plenty of photos of us all at birthday parties and weddings, and some slightly awkward posed studio shots, but there aren't any pictures of these day to day things. Who takes a picture of a lanky ten year old chopping apples? But isn't it exactly these moments that we want to take with us through our lives? We treasure those fleeting glimpses of childhood. As parents, we are constantly reminded of how quickly our children change and grow. It seems like yesterday that I was laying my oldest daughter down in her crib, and today I see her laying the table for dinner.


So I ask, why not capture these little moments in your day? When you look back at a canvas on your wall, with your family posed together, you see a beautiful snapshot in time. You remember what you all looked

like, what you wore... but look back at an album featuring a day in the life of your family and you see real life in your hands; you remember the sounds and smells and sights of all the little moments that you don't want to lose, from chasing your fresh-from-the-bath toddler with a towel, to the pile of school bags and reading books on the kitchen table, to the quiet cuddle on the sofa.


When you invest in a session like this, you are freezing time. And when you forget the bickering and the tidying and the long nights for a moment, isn't that what parents long for?


Your session could be at home, or perhaps you would like to document an exciting trip out to London, the Chilterns, the seaside, or perhaps a theme park or farm.


'Day in the life' sessions​


Day in the life photography (6 hours),

including 100+ digital images and your choice from a range of printed products:


Half day (3 hours),

including 50+ digital images and your choice from a range of printed products:



Printed products include beautifully crafted albums, folio boxes or keepsake personal engraved wooden boxes with prints and USB. 

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