Family Photography in Welwyn Garden City


I’ve had a blast taking family portraits in the poppies in Welwyn Garden City over the past couple of weeks. I work across Hertfordshire, and am often out scouting for beautiful new photography locations, so you can imagine my absolute delight when I came across this field (cue screeching brakes and dragging my children out for an immediate walk!)

Judging by the number of visitors to the field, I know I’m not the only one to get excited about poppies. Photos of their vibrant colours started to flood the local social media feeds, and on a sunny evening you could find hundreds of people, from mobile phone snappers to photographers with professional tripods, lighting stands and models.

As with any wildflower meadow (and crop) it is important not to trample all over the field in the name of a good shot. Not only do the plants suffer, but also nesting birds, such as larks, of which there were definitely a few. Luckily, I knew a ‘secret’ part of the field a short walk from the main area, in which the light glowed in the early evening and the trees provided a green contrast to the red poppies. A path cut through, which seemed made for photos with its leading lines, and behind the poppies themselves, lush green ferns gave a bit of variety. Towards the end of the week, pink and yellow wildflowers began to spring up in the hedgerows, too. A wide tractor path across the field meant that my little models could stand just off the path, yet look as though they were among the poppies.

The photo sessions in the poppies were all ‘mini sessions’, which are short 30 minute photo shoots: perfect for a quick update of the family photos, or for a first experience of having photos taken. In general, ‘minis’ are geared more towards portraits and gentle posing as you will see below – for a wider range of photos and a natural, playful, documentary style gallery, I suggest booking a full session.

The poppies are past their best now, and the beans sown between them are looking more ready for harvest, but…. Hitchin Lavender is now opening!


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