How to choose your Hertfordshire Family Photographer

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A quick search on Google, or Facebook community page will offer you hundreds of choices for a Hertfordshire family photographer. It can be a minefield deciding how to choose: do you go on price? Portfolio? Whom you think you will ‘click’ with (no pun intended!)? As a Hertfordshire family photographer myself, I thought I’d offer some advice before you choose ‘the one’ for your family.

Hertfordshire family on a walk playing in the bluebells in Hitch Wood, photographed by Hertfordshire family photographer Alannah Hebbert
Playing in the bluebell lined paths at Hitch Wood

Studio, outdoor or at home?

This is the first question that you should ask yourself. A great photographer can adapt, but we all have our passions and naturally we are best at what we love.

If you have older children or a large family, outdoors could be your best bet. Plenty of room to run about and play, which guarantees big natural smiles, rosy cheeks and honest moments. I always factor in some time for the posed shots (keep the grandparents happy!) interspersed with more candid action as we walk, run, climb, jump and play our way through the family photo shoot.

At-home photoshoots offer the warmth and peace (depending on your family!) of a studio combined with the familiarity of home. With these photography sessions, you can capture the memory of that moment; whether that is cuddling on the sofa, jumping on the bed or showing me your playroom or treehouse. These sessions lend themselves well to albums and photo books, but the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you would like a big canvas of bed-jumping to hang above your bed, or little faces peeking over the side of the bath for an acrylic to hang in the bathroom. You can see some examples of these types of image here.

A studio is a good choice for you if you have a small baby, as you can guarantee warmth and quiet. It can also offer you a timeless backdrop for older children and families – photos like this might suit the decor of your home perfectly, especially if you love a clean, minimal style. If you are looking for Hertfordshire studio photography, the images captured by Little White Photography in Hemel Hempstead, The Visual Storyteller in Hertford and Sharon Kaplan photography in Hunsdon are breathtaking. I can highly recommend them.

Narrowing down your choice of Hertfordshire family photographer…

Once you have decided whether you are looking for a Hertfordshire family photographer who can provide studio, outdoor or at home photoshoots, you need to find one that makes your heart sing. After all, these photos are going to grace the walls of your home – they are as important a style choice as the favourite chair you spent ages looking for, or that pair of curtains you love. When you are paying for a photoshoot, you are buying an heirloom. You might like to ask prospective photographers which printed products they provide; or if you are a social media fan, how many digital images you might receive.

Like any big decision, trust your instinct. If the photos that you see in a portfolio bring you joy, then you have found the photographer for you.

If you would like to ask any questions about looking for your perfect Hertfordshire family photographer, do let me know! I love talking all things photography and I’d be glad to help. If you think that I might be the photographer for you, even better – let’s get started!

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