Doorstep Photography by Alannah Hebbert Photography

Updated: May 26

Hello! If this is the first time you've visited my website, let me introduce myself. I'm Alannah and I am a Hertfordshire family photographer. In 'real life', I work outdoors or at your home and specialise in playful, natural, authentic photos that capture a moment in your family's lives.

Lockdown has been tough on us all for all sorts of different reasons. I wanted to find a way to record the safety of the home 'bubble' and the joy that we find in each other and in our community during this time, and doorstep photography felt like the perfect way to bring a little joy and create a piece of history. I have been taking these community photographs in return for a voluntary donation to the village food bank - a fantastic new initiative - or to the NHS. I carefully followed all social distancing rules, only taking the photos on my usual walk around the village, and phoning ahead so that I did not have to touch any doorbells. With my favourite long lens, I was able to stay 3 to 4 metres (sometimes more) from the families that I was photographing.

I had a fantastic time meeting so many different families in front of so many different houses. I am lucky to live in such an amazing community and to have so many friendly neighbours.

Four weekends, over 100 doorsteps, around 90,000 steps and 2 blisters later, and the project is well underway.

I am now taking a little break from documenting doorsteps but there is a plan afoot to take some more and hopefully do something exciting with the photos - watch this space!

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