What to wear for your summer photo shoot

Whether your photo shoot is in the poppy fields, sun dappled woodland or grassy fields, what you wear is important to help you to stand out beautifully from your backdrop.

I always suggest coordinating colours rather than trying to make your outfits match. Not only does this look more natural, but it ties your photos together.

For example, thinking back to those school art lessons and choosing two or three complementary colours (opposite on the wheel, such as blue and yellow) or analogous colours (side by side on the wheel) can look fab in images. Neutrals and whites with pops of bright colour, or a pastel theme can look brilliant.

Think about your family - are you jeans-and-welly-wearing-puddle-jumpers? Floaty-dress-wearing-dancers? When your photos are hanging in pride of place on your wall, what will best show your personalities? I have put together a Pinterest page full of inspiration here, which will help you with ideas, but I always advise wearing the clothes that make you feel happy!

Poppy fields

The bright, joyful reds and greens of the poppy fields call for creams and whites, and if you are feeling brave, reds and yellows. Denim blue also stands out beautifully from the background. Think dresses, and shorts with pockets.


At this time of year, the woodland wildflowers have disappeared, and the background is deep green and brown and grey. Again, you can never go wrong with neutrals, and greens, blues and pinks look good too.

Grassy fields, meadows and barley

Your background here is likely to contain a lot of yellow. Shades of blue and pink look lovely, paired with creams and other neutrals.


With luck, the lavender fields will re-open this year before the end of the season. Yellow looks incredible against the deep blues and purples, as do cream, blue, pink, white and neutral tones.

What to avoid

Try to avoid clothes with large logos and pictures as these can distract from your lovely faces! Heavy patterns such as tight stripes or checks can sometimes create an effect called 'moire' (that strange wavy optical illusion), especially when viewed on a screen.

As ever, any questions, just ask!


© 2018 by  Alannah Hebbert