Why pay the pro?

Updated: Jan 4

When everyone has a camera on their mobile phone, it can be tempting to ask "Why pay a professional?" If you're sitting on the fence when it comes to paying for family photographs, this might give you a little more insight into what I do differently.

I could talk for hours about the merits of capturing memories, of being in the frame with your children, or printing heirlooms to treasure, but today I am going into the nitty gritty: what do I do from the moment we meet, to the moment you receive your gallery?

Firstly, I get to know you a little - I want to capture the real essence of your family, so I chat with you and send you a questionnaire to help me to do that. We choose a location together, depending on your preferences, and I have lots of lovely places that I like to use all the time.

When we meet, I generally chat and play with the children first. Partly this is because children are brilliant and I can't help it, but mostly it is to get them relaxed around me and the camera. Hopefully you won't judge me too strongly for my ridiculous jokes, silly games and general encouragement of mischievous behaviour. I promise that it is all for a good cause: your family photographs.

After the session comes my favourite part: the editing. This stage is the magic; the bit that makes every penny that you spend really worth it. During the session, you will probably see some of the photos on the back of my camera (we call this SOOC - straight out of camera). I shoot in a format called 'raw', which means that I need to use a computer to enhance the colours and sharpen the image to make it look its best. It's the modern equivalent to the light room. I also apply my own signature style at this stage, and make other adjustments like removing distracting elements (digitally wiping knees and noses!) or even swapping heads from one picture to another! Here are some examples of SOOC and edited photos to give you an idea of how I get to the art that hangs on your wall.

Finally, I upload your photos to a beautiful online gallery just for you. You get to hold on to this for a year, and can see how your pictures will look printed, framed, in albums or on canvases. And of course, you can choose a package in order to download them digitally, to keep forever.

You might have some other questions, in which case do call or message me! You may even like to know a little more about editing tips - perhaps that is a topic for another blog post.

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