Natural school portrait of a boy taken by school portrait photographer Alannah Hebbert
natural school portrait of a child in hertfordshire

Natural school portrait photographer

Standard ‘white background’ school portraiture has had its day. If your setting would like to offer parents school portraits that capture the character of your pupils, playing outdoors in the natural environment, now is the time to get in touch with a natural portrait photographer like me.

natural school portrait of a child in hertfordshire

Benefit to the school or nursery

A great fundraiser, your setting will receive 10% of the profits from the portrait session.

Alternatively, you can choose to take 5% of the profits, and I can also photograph your staff headshots (normally ~£90)


natural school portrait of a child in hertfordshire

How does it work?

On arrival, or during a pre-visit, I will find a suitable location in the school grounds. You do not need extensive green fields! You would be surprised by what works beautifully in a photograph. A hedge, tree, flower bed or grassy space is perfect. 

Pupils then visit me class by class for their photographs. Depending on the light on the day, I may use a studio light, or I may use the natural light available. I play silly games, tell jokes and generally engage with the children to get those natural smiles! No awkward poses guaranteed.

Some schools prefer the portraits to be more candid – in which case I visit each child as they play. This can work particularly well for nurseries and SEN settings. Although this sounds more relaxed, this approach does require more from adults at the setting so that I can ensure that I have photographed every child – I will need a chaperone!


natural school portrait of a child in hertfordshire


A few days after the photography day, proof cards will arrive at the setting ready to go home with the children. Parents and carers can then log on to the system and view the proofs.

As a guide, three 7×5″ prints are £16 and three mounted prints are £22. Digitals are £14.99 or can be bought as a discounted package of all images for £49.99 – this is the most popular purchase.

Photo gifts are also available, for example mugs, height charts and coasters.

Where families order before a set deadline, any prints, frames or gifts are delivered to the school for distribution, with free P&P. After that point, families can order directly to their own home, paying the usual P&P.



To find out about school photography for your marketing portfolio, please visit my ‘Schools’ page.

If you are interested in natural school portraits for your setting, please get in touch.

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