The Not-Quite-Newborn Photography Session


Many people worry that their baby’s first portraits need to be taken within the first two weeks, unless you wait until the golden age of ‘sitting up’. With a relaxed, near-documentary style this is not the case and beautiful frame-worthy photos can really be taken at any age. There are many good arguments to throw at this!

  1. In the first two weeks of your baby’s life, your mind is mostly fixed on:
  • how to insert tiny arms into seemingly impossible sleeves;
  • how on earth you’re going to have time for a shower (ever again);
  • pondering why babies want feeding/changing/burping at the exact moment you’ve found a second to eat dinner.

The thought of glamming up and having photos done is often the last thing on your mind. Those pictures of babies wrapped in linen and placed in baskets are absolutely adorable, and if you have the energy then I commend you. But if you need a little more time getting used to the new normal, before organising photos, I’m your girl.

Those little moments to remember

2. From six weeks onwards, your baby can do incredible things. He might be starting to smile, and hold his head up a little. He might be searching you out and gazing into your eyes. These are moments to capture, believe me. Before you know it, those quiet moments of joy will be past and you will be driving him to school and standing on pieces of lego. The phrase, ‘the days are long but the years are short’ rings true on so many levels. As a parent you will constantly be moving on to the next most wonderful, exciting milestone, and it happens so quickly that you owe it to yourself to spend more time documenting the little things.

3. When your baby grows up, which photos will they treasure? I am certain it is the photos of you as a family. To feel that connection and that indescribable feeling of love, in the informal setting of their own home. Think back to your own baby photos (probably last pulled out by your parents, dust blown off and lovingly handled). Are your favourites from a white studio production line? They have a special place, but the ‘real’ photos bring true joy.

So how does it work? I come to your home, having had a conversation with you about your session in advance, and you go about your life for the next hour or so, and we chat, and if you’re lucky I’ll make you a cup of tea in your kitchen and hold the baby while you go to the loo by yourself. And all the while, I’ll take photos (not of you on the loo, of course). Sometimes I might ask you to stand in a particularly lovely patch of light whilst you carry on talking to your baby. Sometimes we might wait until they fall asleep in their Moses basket (just kidding. Do babies really fall asleep anywhere other than on your chest?) and take photos of the little details of their tiny fingers and toes, and their little cupid’s bow of a mouth. You might like some loosely posed family shots, too, especially if there are siblings. And if you don’t, I’ll probably persuade you to have some done anyway!

If you’re thinking about filling your walls and shelves with these early memories, I’m here at the ready as your Hertfordshire baby and family photographer. Give me a call or send me a message and we can get started. It’s never too early or too late!

newborn photo close up of fist

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