What to wear for your winter family photo shoot

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I love winter – the crisp and the cold appeal to me just as much as the long, lazy days of summer. Winter brings cosiness, and ‘hygge’ and a certain peacefulness. It also brings festive cheer and an excuse to put up lights and decorations (and mince pies by the boxful!). These are all things that you can channel into your outfit choices for your photography session.

Our background colour palette has begun to move from ochres and golds and deep browns to more neutral greys and browns as nature winds down for the colder months. This means that now is your chance to really bring out the bright and the bold, and take advantage of the fabulous contrasts and general festive mood. If your photos are for Christmas cards, you could even go all out with Christmas jumpers and silly hats – but bring a spare jumper for a more traditional family picture, too.

Dark blues, deep reds, creams, and baby pinks and blues all look fantastic at this time of year. And pile on the textures! Knitted scarves, thick jumpers, corduroy… As ever, try to avoid logos, slogans and pictures, as your faces should always be the first thing your eye is drawn to when you look at the photos.

Importantly, do layer up. Unless you have particularly lovely coats, you will probably want to take them off for some photos, and you will want to keep warm. If you’re lucky, I may even bring a thermos of hot chocolate to the 90 minute sessions!


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